David Thornell, photographer. Born 1984 in Lidköping, Sweden.

What started out with graffiti art as a young kid, developed into a rarely seen artistic
feeling to create and document art in any form.
David began to document his and others graffiti and the environments around them.
At this time he travelled a lot with his parents whom at the time worked in France.
It was during that time his huge interest to travel and experience other countries were born.
He started to document his travels as well.
A true and brilliant photographic talent was born.
Today, 15 years later, and hundreds of travels later he has placed a majority of cities
all over USA and traveled all continental 48 States. And David put weight on France too
where he has spent a lot of time during the years growing up.
What makes David’s photographic material so special in his genre is the documentary
feeling and society reflection they transmit to the observer.
It is urban and it is eccentric.
Above all, his photographs show unique moments and you are magnetized.

Saks Off 5th Avenue
Eklund Stockholm New York
Nordiska Kompaniet NK
Dunkin Donuts
Clarion Hotels
Texas Longhorn
Scandic Hotels
Magasin Åre
Royal Design
American Table Stockholm
Frölunda Indians
Los Angeles International Airport
Mr Jet
IFK Göteborg
Modo Hockey
Leksands IF
Villa BK
Viktor Frisk
Expressen Allt Om Resor
Ninjas In Pyjamas
Örnsköldsvik Turistbyrå
Gardefalk & Co Fastighetsmäklare
CSN Kalmar
Rum 1 Skellefteå
Biboköp Skellefteå
Vilhelmina Tourist Center
Åkesson Bil
Spillevinken Falun
Swedish Wine Cellar
Essex House Miami Beach
Huset Venice CA
TNT Magazine
Desert Magazine
Vintage Roadside
Swedish Church Of New York
Elevated Clothing Co
Grand Canyon Association
Karlshamn Inreda
Salong Preben
Haparanda Udda med flit
Skövde Hem & Hobby
Hjo Hem & Hobby
Falun Spillevinken
Mariestad Bildmagasinet
Tidaholm Pynt & Sånt
Jönköping Stigs Bageri
Varberg Tre Systrar
Clevelander Miami Beach
Promo Tools
Cafe Solsidan
We Are New Mexico
Panam Holidays Inc
Cafe Sockerbruket
Tofta Pizzeria
Aftonbladet Destination
Hotel & Restaurang and more

Separate Exhibitions:
2011 Nostalgeek, Lidköping, Sweden
2011 Galleri Thornell, Lidköping, Sweden
2011 Restaurang Bakgårn, Lidköping, Sweden
2011 Scandic Rubinen, Gothenburg, Sweden
2012 Scandic Victoria Tower, Stockholm, Sweden (Permanent)
2012 Hjo Konstrum, Hjo, Sweden.
2012 Skrapan, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 Galleri Thornell, Lidköping, Sweden
2012 Swedish Church, New York City, USA (Permanent)
2013 Lidköping Konsthall, Lidköping, Sweden
2013 Amandas Konsthantverk, Hjo, Sweden
2015-2017 Clarion Post American Table, Stockholm, Sweden



USA – bästa tipsen för drömresan till Amerika

Expressen Allt Om Resor
USA – bästa tipsen för drömresan till Amerika. Photo special and text by David Thornell
Read the article here: (Only In Swedish)

Skärmavbild 2015-07-09 kl. 00.24.20
Arbete Pågår

FOTO december 2014
Arbete Pågår – Article with David Thornell Photography about travel 50 states in the US.


RES Magazine december 2014
Photos in the Miami article in RES.

Lika Som Bär

Riksettan Magazine mars 2015
Text and Photo article about so different and still so similar about Sweden and USA.

Lincoln Highway

Riksettan 2014
Photos by me and text by Johan Tell on the article about Lincoln Highway.

Skärmavbild 2015-07-09 kl. 00.03.41

TNT Magazine 2015
Winner of a photo contest with a picture of the Manhattan skyline.

Lidköping Konsthall Exhibition

NLT 2013
Article about my exhibition at Lidköpings Konsthall.

Retro America

Riksettan 2014
Article about documenting retro objects in all 50 states of the USA.

Skärmavbild 2015-07-09 kl. 00.15.30

Aftonbladet Destination 2013
Blogging about travel all 50 states of the United States.
Read blog here (only in Swedish)

Skärmavbild 2015-07-09 kl. 00.17.27

Mr Jet
Travel photos for Mr Jet.

San Francisco är en av världens bästa städer

Expressen Allt Om Resor maj 2015
Best spots in San Francisco. Text and photos by David Thornell
Read the article here: (Only In Swedish)

Los Angeles bästa tips – här är 19 favoriter

Expressen Allt Om Resor april 2015
The best spots in Los Angeles. Text and photos by David Thornell
Read the article here: (Only In Swedish)

Skärmavbild 2016-02-10 kl. 11.49.41
Falköpings Tidning – 2016
Article about my work for Wallstars and the Falköping poster.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-10 kl. 11.50.09
Sydöstran – 2015
Article about my work for Wallstars and the Karlskrona poster.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-10 kl. 11.53.38
Skövde Nyheter – 2016
Article about my work for Wallstars and the Skövde poster.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-10 kl. 11.57.04
Västgöta Bladet – 2016
Article about my work for Wallstars and the Tidaholm poster.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-10 kl. 11.57.23
Skaraborg Läns Tidning – 2016
Article about my work for Wallstars and the Skara poster.

Skärmavbild 2016-03-01 kl. 13.17.43
Danderyds Nyheter – 2016
Article about my work for Wallstars and the Danderyd poster.

Skärmavbild 2016-03-01 kl. 13.37.30
Mariefreds Tidning – 2016
Article about my work for Wallstars and the Strängnäs poster.

Skärmavbild 2017-09-06 kl. 15.02.25
Uppland-BroBladet Nyheter – 2017
Article about my work for Wallstars and the Upplands-Bro poster.